Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Störungsermittlung und Analyse
Datasheet GSS200D Detector

Ein neuer Weg Ihre RF Umgebung zu verstehen

Weil die Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) die GNSS Leistung beeinträchtigt ist es sehr wichtig, die RF Belastung der jeweiligen Umgebung zu kennen.

Das Spirent GSS200D bietet einen kompletten Überblick über die RF Störungen eines Bereiches.



GNSS interference is a growing threat

Interference is the most important threat to GPS and other global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), and it is becoming more common. This is partially due to the popularization of illegal jammers of the kind that are commercially available online and powered by a vehicle’s power socket. However, RFI can also be unintentional - especially in busy industrial areas. At the same time, satellite positioning data from GPS and other GNSS systems is being increasingly relied upon in many industries. For safety-related and commercially sensitive applications, such as critical infrastructure or civil aviation, intentional and accidental jamming has the potential to fundamentally disrupt key outcomes. And the implications are potentially disastrous.

Monitoring the GNSS signal environment gives the benefit of allowing interference events to be correlated with any unexpected outages or system behaviour. This allows GPS jamming to either be highlighted or, just as significantly, eliminated as a cause of the problems.

Introducing GSS200D

The GSS200D continuously monitors and analyses the GNSS bands for interference events, enabling 24/7 constant monitoring on multi-constellation and multi-frequency bands. When RFI is detected in one or both frequencies, the system will capture the interference data and send an encrypted event to PT Cloud, Spirent’s secure cloud. Events are characterized and given a type, because it is important to understand the difference between unintentional interference and jamming. They are also automatically ranked according to a score based on the likely impact to GNSS services, allowing a quick prioritization of the threats.
What’s more, whenever an event occurs, you can choose to be notified by email almost instantaneously. By using the GSS200D it is possible to distinguish different types of interference and jamming, to highlight multiple detections of the same jammer, to identify trends in RFI threats, and to support decision making about the development of countermeasures.

In a nutshell, the GSS200D gives you a comprehensive picture of your RF environment.

PT Cloud

Spirent cloud server is the secure, fast and easy way to access the data detected by the GSS200D. Interference events are logged with the spectrum and spectrogram of the signal, and include information such as duration, power, type and priority
of interference.

PT Cloud integrates data analytics and visualization tools, enabling monitoring over time and in-depth trend analysis - quantified information about GNSS interference threats at your site of interest.

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