GSS9790 - Multi-Output, Multi-GNSS RF Constellation Wave-Front, Simulator System

For testing of Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) systems, spatial testing of single-antenna devices and as part of real-world-time-synchronised indoor GNSS implementations

Spirent’s GSS9790 Multi-Output, Multi-GNSS RF Constellation Wave-Front Simulator System is a development of the world’s most advanced GNSS Constellation Simulator, the GSS9000.

The GSS9790 is a unique solution providing the core element for GNSS applications that require a test system that can be used in both conducted (lab) and radiated (chamber) conditions.

The GSS9790 can significantly reduce the need to perform expensive field trials and provides an accurate, repeatable and controllable tool, free of the constraints and security vulnerabilities imposed by testing in an operational or field-test system environment. Equally important, it enables development and evaluation of GNSS systems in advance of actual satellite transmissions.

The GSS9790 is a full GNSS RF Constellation Simulator, offering total user control over the satellite orbital definitions, propagation and environmental conditions, signal and data information and accurately models the resulting satellite motion with respect to the user-specified simulation location, date and time.

When operated with Spirent’s SimGEN™ control software, the user equipment under test behaves as if it were receiving RF signals from real satellites when installed on a vehicle performing complex and/or high-speed manoeuvres as set up in the test case, or scenario. Standard features enabled by the simulation control and scenario definition software, SimGEN™ include simulation of multipath reflections, terrain obscuration, antenna reception gain patterns, differential corrections, trajectory generators for land, air, sea and space vehicles and comprehensive error generation and system modelling. The product also accepts user-supplied trajectories, either from a file or supplied in real-time via remote control interface. This enables testing of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) applications and supports ultra-low latency and high update rates whilst maintaining the full performance specification.

The GSS9790 is ideal for testing any application that requires independent access to the RF signals from each of the simulated GNSS satellites.

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