KL-3400 Real Time Clock

Die Real Time Clock erzeugt aus den bis zu elf hochgenauen Zeiteingängen ein 1PPS oder 10MHz Signal, das genauer und stabiler ist, als der beste der Eingänge.
Real Time Clock Datasheet

The KL-3400 is the most accurate RTC on the market - developed and designed by K+K Messtechnik GmbH in cooperation with Lange-Electronic GmbH with support from Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig, Germany, with financial support from Federal Ministry of Economics.
Software clock algorithms are well established, e.g. in combining stable atomic clocks that are actually scattered all around the world, to form virtual time scales (like UTC), which are normally distributed to users by bulletin in retrospect only.
In contrast to such ‘paper clock’ approach, we have investigated the hardware requirements and actually built what we call a ‘real time clock’, i.e. a device, which accepts the output signals of various stable clocks and optionally a 1PPS timing signal (plus possibly some bulletin information and strategic operator decisions), and from these generates an optimised output clock signal under the control of software clock algorithms.

Key Features:
The KL-3400 RTC is designed to provide a stable clock signal based on
• the short term frequency stability of the built-in OCXO
• the medium term frequency stability of a set of atomic clocks
• the long term timing accuracy of an external 1pps signal or a built-in GPS receiver

Amongst other features
• each ensemble clock can have it’s individual weights
• faulty clocks are removed automatically